Shop 38 Reunion Banquet
    Clarion Hotel Airport
    November 13th 2004
Charleston Naval Shipyard
   Shop 38 Reunion 2004
Order Form
____________ people at $28.00 each for $____________

                           Total cost for reunion: $____________
                                                     (Please send this amount.)

Name: ____________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________
City/State/Zip Code: ____________________________________________________

Phone: (_____) _______________

Email Address ________________________________________

Please complete this order form and return it with your payment NLT October 10, 2004.

Mail to: Sharon Harden, 202 Watson Dr, Newport, NC 28570.  Make checks payable to Shop 38 Reunion. I will post your name, amount paid, and number attending, on the ATTENDEE LIST.  No addresses, phone numbers, etc will be posted on this list. This will be your only receipt ! Keep a record for yourself of what you are sending.
                                             Clip this for your records

Shop 38 Reunion Banquet 2004,  Saturday, November 13th,  5:00 p.m. -  11:30 p.m.  Arrival time is flexible, anytime between 5:00 - 6:30 p.m. Dinner will be served around 7:00 p.m.  Check or Money order only.

The Clarion Hotel                Amount paid $____________ 
7401 Northwoods Blvd         Check number____________
Charleston, SC 29406           Date Paid       ____________
Phone: (843) 572-2200        
                                      Sent to: Sharon Harden, 202 Watson Dr, Newport, NC 28570
                                      Phone: (252) 223-4798  e-mail:
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